A Kite Needs Wind

Be happy if someone’s giving you an opportunity to realize things well.

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

If somebody offers to help you, you take it, even if that help is the form of constructive criticism. Even if that help is scary to accept.

I recently presented some work at a folklore conference.  My study bridges a gap between folklore and my field of professional communication.  I had recently submitted the paper to a high-level folklore journal. The editor liked the concept and asked me to make changes.  I did.  He sent it out for review.  It came back with negative comments and a rejection.  It was disappointing.

But I presented it at the conference anyway.  There, I spoke with an undergraduate professor of mine who happened to be in attendance.  She loved my concept and was surprised at my review experience.  She then told me that one of the people I had cited in my work, a big name in folklore, had been at my presentation.

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