My FIRST Blog ! :)

Hi there guys. So this is my first blog that I made. First of all, I’m not used to make some blogs. Frequently, the thing that interests me most is making some news and feature articles for our school publication. But there’s one thing that I really love to do−Writing.

I was really inspired by the Paulinian Teachers. They really exerted their time soothing students to write in our school publication. Initially, I’m a bit confused in writing such articles. I was thinking like this:
1.) What will be my title for this? Naah. I’ll just make it later
2.) Where should I start? –I don’t know
3.) Okay, I already have an idea-Tadaaaa. I made my first paragraph. SUCCESS!
4.) Uhh Ohh. Is my Grammar correct? -I hope so.
5.) Oh, how about the spelling? Is it right?- Nah, I’ll just check it on my dictionary
6.) Gosh. What is the correct adjective/verb for this? – Is it suitable?
7.) Okay. DONE!
8.) Oh. I forgot. Yay! Here we go again- Back to Number 1

I’d started writing articles when I was on my 7th Grade. Expectantly, year by year, my writing skills improved. I’m a little bit introverted that time because the one who will check my works is older than me. I know. I know. They’re really used to write such articles and they really good at it. Unlike me, I am only just a beginner. What if something happens like this?
1.) What kind of sentence is this?-Too embarrassing.
2.) She’s so numb. She can’t even write a simple article-So Poor in vocabulary
3.) WHAAAAATAAAA! This article makes my head twinge.-She’s going foolish.
4.) REJECT this.
5.) Okay.

Well, my imagination is so overstated. But I’m just being true to reality. I’m opposing my own confidence on this kind of stuff. But Behind those nuisances, I’m still having fun WRITING.


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