I Cannot Lead

I cannot say Lead if I don’t have the willingness to direct myself and motivate others.

I cannot say Encourage if all my time is reserve for my own interests.

I cannot say Advice unless I am ready to make good counsel and right decisions.

I cannot say Dignity without expending enough time to reflect on the words that others uttered.

I cannot say Empathy if the genuine needs of others is the last priority on my checklist.

I cannot say Responsible If I knowingly choose to be slothful and to be lavish in my time doing such inconsequential things.

I cannot say Service if I, who am called by God, doesn’t give the best to serve Him alone whole-heartedly.

I cannot say Honesty if sometimes I failed to become more truthful and build great integrity to myself.

I cannot say Inspire if I fear what my neighbors and friends may say or do.

I cannot say Peace to all people unless I honestly say, “Whatever side of partiality and plane of imperfections I have; I’m still a LEADER”.



-This is one of my contributions in our school paper:)

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