The Last 11:11 Wish

She was drunk.

Then, her best friend saw her in the club, dancing and dancing as if like there’s no tomorrow.

“What are you doing? Will you please stop that?!” he said.

“No, no! You don’t understand me! Just go away!” she retorted.

“You will never understand me unless you learn how to love me.” she added.

“What are you talking about?”

“I have kept my feelings for you ever since we’re 12. Why you’re so numb?!”

But she never knew that he also feels the same way.

“I was afraid.  I’m afraid of losing you. I’m afraid to know that I’ll be just an unknown stranger to you, once again, If we broke up. Hey, you know, I Love You. But I’ll be more happy if we stay as best friends. No Break-ups. Just Love.” he said

She was shocked and sad at the same time.

“Your confession was too late. If I just have told you this before, I would not have this regrets” She told to herself.

“No. Even if we’re just best friends, I can no longer accept you now because it was too late for us to be happy. It’s too late for me to be with you much longer and to make you happier forever.” she said to him.

“What do you mean?” he asked

Suddenly she fainted.

Her senses were back again but this time, she’s getting weak.

“What just happened?” he asked

“Hey, do you love me?” she asked

“Yes, ofcourse! We’re best friends,right? You must never ask that question again because I’ll always love you, even if you’ll fail to love me back”

“Then promise me one thing.”

“anything” he answered.

“Before I disappear, I want to share my last time and my last breath with you. So, take me to a place were I can see all the shining stars and shooting stars at night . That’s my last 11:11 wish”


She’s gone


“I wish she’ll be back again.”


He suffered great delirium because of his regrets that promised him not to love again.



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