I now go up to the top in that thing at least once a week whether I have to or not. One reason is to remind the lift; who’s the “Bitch” now. The other is to remind me to fight every fear from now on, the pay-off is so worth it and each time you win you get stronger, if you don’t fight you will always lose. I didn’t fight my fears to keep Jennifer and I lost her forever, the cost was too high. I know I made the promise and I lived up to it but I also know that I will never see her again. God is not going to put her on my door step trapped inside the love-bubble for me. It was a test of resolve, faith and growth, the only victory was the accomplishment itself. I just have to continue to grow.

All that being said… God, if I should lose a pinky finger to an unremarkable industrial accident in the future, I will have an expectation.

Just saying…


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