“There still someone who cared about her, loved her, inspired her, and praised her. Those times that they were together, everyday was never been an empty space. Happiness dominates sadness, smiles and laughter hailed everything in between. It gone through the point where the confession begins. Love and sincerity were revealed. They might suffer the consequences and encounter the new world of awkwardness, truly, it was never been denied that love truly exist. The friendship that they built was very provisional. It is risky yet, worthy. Love really inspired her, a lot. They had suffered downfalls and frustrations but not together, but yes, it is in an opposite ways. They started to wander but seems like everything that passes behind them was invisible. They truly believed in signs, yet, they can’t even see the right track. How could their love be bounded with trust and loyalty? For in every step that they take, there are so many walls and hindrances that faced them and that in just one mistake, the foundation between the love and friendship will just fade and brake. There’s no wonder that they loved each other. I woke up. Maybe, it is an infatuation” He said.


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