12: Straight Away


The looks, the heat
every smile, so sour, so sweet
I had known you made me complete.
Everything I needed, I never wanted more
yet every time, I was rundown straight to the core
every kiss, every step, every dance on the floor
Everything was nothing. When you left me…out that door.
Our life, our plans, our future, in your hands.
Like a stab or a wound. I’ll get better…if I can.
I know it’s not the same, forever is the blame.
I tried so hard, for one who wanted more, for someone’s heart
who won’t be allowed to be tamed
It was the best, a love-never small but when one
Leaves the other, the best will fall
Let the tears drop. Let the feelings fly.
Because at least not in public, I will not cry
My heart still beats, locked in your chest
It’s pitiful, sad, but I love you dear traitor, if you can
Stay, you can trample my heart but don’t ever go away
But if not, you’re gone, I don’t expect less
But if it’s true just lay with me and rest
Help me rebuild me
Out of whatever that’s left


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