(Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s: The Great Gatsby) 

Whats the point of having a heart of Gold

When you’ve lost your soul

Your arteries will become Gilded

And your inside will turn to mold

You need to leave this life behind

Your lust for money has made you blind

All this material

Has turned you into material

You’re like a piece of ugly brown cotton

Quickly tossed aside and easily forgotten

The green you see is actually a poisonous infection

That makes you think you’ve reached perfection

But your greed is an obvious profession

That your Gilded arteries caught aflame

And took possession

of your soul.

You’re a mess

And you’re helpless

Your peace of mind is lost

And even though you have all the money in the world

You keep adding up the costs

Because though an empire you continue to build

You truly are unfullfilled

You won’t…

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