The Wooden Ledge

Powerful Views

wooden ledge

I stood at the edge

Of a wooden ledge,

Gazing in infinity

Looking for divinity!

My attention drew

To the mountain blue,

Time swiftly flew

In the scenic view!

The lush green trees

The enchanting breeze,

Life got me to freeze

That moment I seized!

I don’t want to go

Back to the show,

I coveted the glow

Those moments to grow!

I wanted to stay

With nature play,

Away from the fray

Underneath the rays!

With responsibilities steep

And commitments to keep,

I sat in my jeep

It was time to sleep!

I looked up high

To the transparent skies,

With tears in my eyes

I said good bye!

I’ll surely return

Back to the fern

For there’s more to learn

To quench my yearn!

That moment I left

Like an infant I wept,

I’ll return, I pledged

To the wooden ledge!

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