Travel Photo of the Day: El Nido, Philippines

Road Less Travelled

El Nido Sunset Fisherman

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

This photo was taken as we sat on the beach in Coron Coron – just out of the El Nido township – and watched the fishermen drag in their nets as the orange and violet sunset climbed over the archipelago island mountains and disappeared in to the quiet rippled sea for another day.

El Nido is on the Philippine Island of Palawan and is still a fairly well-hidden secret, mainly due to lack of accessibility because of its distance from an airport. Palawan’s main town (and airport) is Puerto Pincessa which lies in the middle of the long narrow island, whereas El Nido lies on the northern tip. The increased effort to get to El Nido has its benefits as it makes it a haven away from crowds and tourists like you find on the more easily-accessible Boracay Island.

So, after landing in ‘Puerto’ we took…

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