15: A Shimmering Mirror


As the moon fills the sky my eyes meet the darkness
My worries are none and I am at peace
Thoughts running wild and curiosity full blast
My slumber brings visions of hopefulness
In the night I am protected unconsciously
No judgement is passed on my faults
My demons are absent from sin
Harmlessly soaring through roads unknown
Here I am safe, my fears don’t exist
Take my hand and follow my voice
See what I dare not tell
Hear what I can not say
Understand the me I hide beneath
Feel my fluttering heart beat explode
Now do you see, can you relate?
My demands are so simple, free from hate
There is love in mind, though it is mute
Unlock the lips that speak the truth
Look in my eyes, a shimmering mirror
The reflection stares back, vivid and clear
You will find your answer is there


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