An Endless Journey Ended


An Endless Journey Ended

All my life I have been searching

But I always come back to the same place

When I think I’ve gained more ground

I actually just finished a track race

I finished where I started

So I begin again broken hearted

I don’t know what I’m searching for

All I know is that my soul yearns for more

And that its pangs burn my core

I’m just a lonely man

Simply burning up in an endless desert

Full of sand

I grasp for the sand

But the grains just slip

Right through my hand

I reach for my water

But there’s none there

So each minute I choke on the dry air

And the heat leaves me naked and bare

But that all was my past…

Once I found a river

I went in and almost drowned

I awoke several hours later

And found myself back on…

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