White Flag

Karen Was Here Art

I surrender.
To the knowledge that my role was small in the theatrics of your life,
since the heart on my sleeve simply did not suffice.
I must concede.
To the acceptance your heart won’t long for mine;
Therefore, they would not have beat in unison time.
I will now yield.
To the inevitable choice I had to make,
and unknot the ties never mine to grasp or take.
I relinquish.
Every foolish promise I thought I could keep,
to not allow my blood to run red with each beat.
I capitulate…
To the upturn of my eyes towards the blue night sky,
longing for the Gentle Moon to answer me – why?
I admit defeat…
to the burning ache of every whispered cry,
as you easily let me go and say Goodbye.
Here is my white flag.
Since all you could see was the sad and meager soul,

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