Wishing To Turn Back Time


I wish to rewind this life of mine,
Go back to before that tragic time.
Stop you from leaving that day…
I’d do anything to not go through this pain.

I’d make you stay in school,
Just for that one hour.
I’d do something to your car,
To make it not work at the time.
I’d do anything…
To keep you from dying.

If I could rewind time,
I’d have been nicer to you that day.
I wouldn’t have taken your necklace.
I wouldn’t have walked away so fast.
But most importantly,
I wouldn’t have left,
Without tell you how much I loved you.

If I could rewind time,
You know I’d give an arm and leg,
Just to be with you again.
If I could rewind time…
Oh, but if I could only rewind time,
To have my older sister back again.


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