City of Steel…has a Softer Side


Sheffield Botanical Gardens…


A City famous for centuries as the heart of Steel making and of course Cutlery still conjures up memories of dark skies, smoke, dirt and noise.  Surprisingly the City has a number of Public Parks, indeed some of the first in the U.K.

But without any doubt it is the Botanical Gardens that are the Floral jewel in the Cities Crown.  Created in 1836 they occupy a sloping site that allowed Robert Marnock a Victorian Horticulturalist to make the most of his landscaping flair.

But as was the fashion of the time the ‘Star’ attraction was an enormous Glass Pavilion. This enabled exotic plants and Palms for far off lands to be cultivated and displayed together.  At the time these were plants that had not been seen by many outside their home countries….but even today we can marvel at the floral wonders of the world.

The Gardens…

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