6 of 365: An Open Letter To My Future Someone

Dear Future Someone,

If you are to see me now, you may have a thought that I’m a jerk or a crazy girl. However, erase that in your mind and start to see me as your future someone, too. I am sure if I am showing you this letter personally, you are something special. I am sure that I will be in love even though I did not believe it was possible at one time. I am here, sitting on a chair, facing this desktop and starting to write a letter for you. My life at this present time is quite confusing that’s why I end up doing this. I started to wonder things about love before. It happened when I see my friends having their own love life, someone to cracked jokes with, happiest smiles and blooming faces, and lovely dates at some romantic places. At 16 years old I am writing to what I think will be the love of my life. Who is alive right now? We may have already crossed paths or will have yet to. You are alive and breathing. I cannot even fathom what you look like or what kind of person you are. And there I go, writing this letter for you and enclosed with few things that come to my mind. I don’t know which category you fall under, but only time will tell. I am hoping you are the lucky one. I am hoping I only have to fall once to find the one that I am meant to be with. But who doesn’t hope that. Regardless of which category you fall under, you are someone who is very special and lucky enough to tear down my walls. I know that I am only 16, but I have already turned down so many people because I am afraid to feel especially since it will be the teenage kind of love which is the most dangerous because we are more vulnerable. I have already been a victim of this vulnerable, fairy tale, teenage love. Well, the first was all but love. It was an illusion I was stupid enough to fall for. And pathetically I only fell for it because I wanted a relationship like the ones you see in those stupid cheesy fairy tale movies. Reading this over, I didn’t realise how stupid the situation actually was.  How does our mind do this to us? Get us so attached to someone we know for a fact we can’t have? At least I would have known if I had a chance or not. That way, I could have gotten over it faster without all the pathetic pain. I am so happy to have found you and have been the one lucky enough to get you. There are so much more personal issues I have to deal with that pertains to this subject. I am sure that you are caring and patient with me. And I too will be patient with you if you need it as well. I cannot wait to meet you and get to know you. I wish I could just get a glimpse of your face so I have something to hold onto until the day that I meet you, or just realize who you are. I will wait as patiently as I can to meet you.


Your Future Someone ♥


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