You’re My 11:11 Wish


One sweet morning had passed,
my eyes played for a glanced
Your deep gaze had catched
So then my heart repeatedly asked
“Who are you?” I secretly uttered
Hoping for a response to be heard
I suddenly stole time and once glared
I’m happy to know that now he stared
Time had ran so fast
Feelings unleashed in a blast
Yearning for a fortune to cast
Maybe, someday, our time won’t be last
Is this really happening?
Can’t believe we’re chatting
I looked in his eyes, too charming
Now my heart is unexpectedly beating
Happiness showers over me
Too speechless that he’s so close to me
I kept asking, “What if, maybe?”
“What should I do with this cutie?”
Had been asked to watched
Now his under surveillanced
I really loved the way he danced
How I wish to have a chance
Memories were compiled
Unknowingly, I’d fallen for your smile
Should I say it’s already mine?
Just say yes and don’t make a sigh
Okay, your twinkles? yes, I miss
I won’t doubt you, I promise
Can you tell me when be the right time? please
For baby, you’re my 11:11 wish

26 thoughts on “You’re My 11:11 Wish

  1. I once thought you’d be mine
    Luckily, I caught your line
    You look better when you laugh
    So please don’t say you had enough

    Always think that I’m with you
    Until the day I’ll say I love you
    Don’t be afraid to speak
    For I am not that freak

    Now I think I liked your wish,
    I’m glad to tell it to a fish
    I may be crazy for some time
    But I have loved you from the first time.

    -11:11 wish ❤️

    • I’d thought about that thing too
      Can’t believe that my feelings are true
      You say you had loved me ever since,
      I guess, I’d fallen for you, does it makes sense?

      Baby, you’d turned my world around
      Unexpectedly, we met and fell on the same ground
      Of course, you’ll never be a freak for me
      Coz from the very start, you already have me

      Now, I’m not afraid to speak freely
      For a man like you is trustworthy
      You caught my line, yes you do
      For I really meant it just for you

      Anyways, thanks for liking my wish
      But, why would you tell it to a fish?
      HAHA. Can’t wait to spend my whole time with you
      For baby, I’d liked you since the time that I’ve met you

      -11:11 Wish Requestor 🙂

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