A Real Nightmare

Last night was a nightmare
Too unexpected, I cried, I swear
I’m not used to do it, Oh yes
Answer me, why should I try my best?

All this time I thought it’s okay
How’d you hide it from me, anyway?
Will you please, just this time, trust me?
For I’m now ready to face that reality

I breathe, atlas, I’ve gained
Unbinding my sentiments, I failed
Truly, I said that I shouldn’t be
But that’s what really destined for me

Tears were falling apart
Cannot retrieve the smile on my heart
Unfathomable disguise, I left
Been driven by these, I kept

It’s the last time; it’s the last chance
Nowhere to be found, never been glanced
I stared up in the sky and never doubt
I think it’s time for me to pass out


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