The Guy Behind This Unceasing Story

The first time I saw you, heart skipped for a while
Sentiments denied, but it wasn’t a lie
You’re “Attractive” yes, it’s true
For my eyes had snatched yours, too

Who will have a thought that you’re cool?
If I myself will judge you, you’re not to
But I guess that statement isn’t true
For I was on my way to know you

Looking back, you are a stranger
You started to say “Hi”, of course, I remember
The laundry night with my friends,
That stare from you is a mere suspense

All I thought was you’re a snob guy
But the reality is: you’re quite shy
Then I felt so very awkward on you
for you’re someone I once never knew

Time goes by, and I feel so comfortable
For both our mouths started to babble
I can’t fathom that feeling when you chatted me
Coz that friendly convo really amazed me

Reminiscing times; we’d been together
That WHITE BEAN moment is just so much to bear
I hope that day will always be remembered
For that first time hasn’t nothing else to be compared

I think this time you’re too flattered
I see you smiling, yea, I stared
Yes it’s a joke but yearns to see it
Believe me! For these words? I really mean it

Oh? Tonight, I’d share my past to you,
I’m surprised, we’re quite different, too
Although you’d always been rejected,
I’m here to help your worries be evicted

Thanks for your time, anyway
Now I know, you’ve so much to say
You’re not someone who’s fond of waywardness
For let me tell ya this, “You’re a guy of sweetness”


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