Angel In Disguise

18th of July, we’d chatted
our long-end convo started
You say “Hi” and I say” Hello”
Thinking where would these convos go

I glanced at your picture from afar
Suddenly, I said “You look so familiar”
My guess, it’s so true
For I got the chance to meet you

Questions were repeatedly circling
We exchanged numbers without even knowing
I can’t believe we’d been that close
Since that happened, I sent you selfie pose

Yet, days passed, and I’m so down
A serene yet scarred heart is found
Night in melancholy? I ain’t dreaming
For a part of myself is already dying

Hopeless, I’m so thrilled
I’m the unluckiest girl, I believed
A whisper in my ears, I overheard
An attempted murder, I then learned

But an angel had watched over me
He’s trying to wipe away my worry
Conscience is now reacting
Of course, I can’t die without even saying

Yet I realized I have a friend
I texted him for I don’t want this life to end
I appreciated that he’s so gentle and kind
I guess, he might be my angel for life

Thousand hugs and kisses, I now give you
I know that these aren’t enough for I really owed you
Reminisce the night you spent with me, so dark
I thank you for I’d unbound my wounded heart.

Little by little, your sweetness is felt
I fell over it, yet not so frequent
Also, we should call it normal. Shall we?
For I’m still scared to accept the reality

Bear in your mind that I’m always smiling
For being with you is so delighting
That night came, heart is suddenly asking:
“Would an angel like you is worth keeping?”


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