Dear Future Someone

Time check: 10:33 PM

Dear Future Someone,

It’s me! Here I go again, sitting on this chair, facing this wall filled with  colourful sticky notes and facing this laptop, writing another open letter for you! It’s been a while. I miss you so bad. How are you? I hope you’re always happy. I may not be able to see you, touch you, hug you, and hold you, not just yet, but I really miss you. I don’t have any idea about the anatomy of yourself; I mean what kind of guy are you, where did you grow up, or what bothers you at this moment. I’m so excited to meet you. I hope you’re feeling the same way too. Well, I just wanna share something. This might be absurd, but I think the same scenario is happening again. You know what I mean. It’s our secret right? HAHA. Do you still remember the one that I’d shared with you last time? That “DEAL” thingy. Yes, I know right. I really can’t hold on that promise. Like seriously? We’ll never know what will happen later, tomorrow, and the next days or months or years, i mean, just every second, minute, hour, and day. We’ll never know. Nothing is permanent in this world. Except change, maybe? HAHA. You understand the logic here? We’re living temporarily, and so are our feelings; we’re living imperfectly, and so our lives. I can’t fathom , why on earth, why that person, thought of something that is really impossible to happen. If this is only a fairy tale, I’ll be convinced. But no. BIG NO! I am a COWARD. And seems like I’ll always be a wimp. But to be honest, I am really devastated. I don’t know why; I’m on my way to figure it out. Let’s call it a night! 2nd sem will start tomorrow! Oh no! Brain-cracking lessons again. I hope you’re here with me now. How I wish. See you soon! Bye for now! Stay invisible and vague. I’m waiting. . .

P.S. Am I being erratic?

P.S.S. I’ll be waiting for your answer.

Your Future Someone


2 thoughts on “Dear Future Someone

  1. It’s been months
    Since that first
    Time I’ve seen your eyes
    I stiil remember how it glows
    Luckily our eyes have met
    Lovely, indeed it was.
    Let me hold on that promise
    Or should I make that a reality
    Vanished you say?
    Except for me it’s still real
    You’ll always be the the one,
    Overthinking my mind clutters,
    Until the day we’ll meet again.

    Please look at the FIRST LETTERS every sentence.

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