An Open Letter To This Guy I Stalked 24/7

Dear You,

       I know that you will have a chance to read this letter, and I want you to know how deeply sorry I am for stalking your twitter 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Well, don’t take it literally, Ok? HAHA. Just think of it as simply as STALKING. But seriously, I AM SORRY. As I scroll down, I don’t know if I should be happy or If I should kill a cat now… Yea… because my mind is twisted… and I’m sure that it will always take me on the same thing–Empty Space. Well, tbh, I wanna share something to you. It’s been months, and I still can’t forgive myself for what happened. Perhaps, maybe because I’m guilty about it…. or maybe that… I still care? However, It feels good knowing that he still feel the same. I am totally drained in waiting for someone who will miss me and then here he goes, he just arrived perfectly, and told me that thing … Ohhh.. Craving satisfied!  Unable to talk to him for sixty seconds would be the worst one minute of my life. What should I do? Right now, everything has changed. Look… I think I grew 1 inch taller. Yea.. you know.. I wanna let him see me this way. I am taller than before. HAHA. It might be ridiculous, but yea..every single detail that makes me happy means so much to me… But now, I am sad.. because I can’t even let him see me smile… I can’t even fathom his reaction.. Would he be happy? annoyed? or unaffected? I miss everything about him, and it makes me crazy knowing that he’s miles away from me. It is just that.. I’m yearning for his presence. well. change topic. By the way, I am puzzled! Who would have guessed that a Strawberry Pillow will cost half a thousand? Just then, I realised that it was a soundbox pillow. I never thought that it exists. HAHA. Yea… Strawberry! I am an avid collector of  strawberry stuffs.. I remember that day when I really wanted to buy Strawberries for him, but I ended up buying grapes :< Gooooshhh! I am frustrated and ashamed at the same time.. just because strawberries are SEASONAL! ughh.  So yea, I just ate them with him though it breaks my heart… coz by that time, I was hallucinating.. imagining that those grapes were strawberries.. but then, my hallucinations were not enough to satisy me. haha. well, Am I talking nonsense here? I wanna share you something more. Last night, or the other night, or maybe two or three days before last night… I saw him walking along the pavement. Yea it’s true. I was on my daddy’s car, and yep, it was really him. He’s walking all alone… to the point we’re only four paces apart.. yet it saddened me. I don’t wanna see him that way. I want him to be with someone who will make him smile always and revamp his waywardness… just like how he used to… how I wish I could be his shadow so that we are inseparable. However, I am currently messed up. 37 days to go, and I still don’t know what to do. I wish everything will be okay on that day. That’s it! Thanks for your time. Sorry if I’m  talking nonsense here. I’m just glad that fate intervened our ways… again.

P.S. Soon is fast approaching… still counting…

Your Strawberry Stalker


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