Plain Yet Extraordinary Paper



A plain paper,
yes I am.
I am used for writing letters,
yet there is no time,
that I was chosen to be sent
just to anyone else.

I never thought
that this might happen.
She left me.
Now I’m left crumpled.
She didn’t write anything on me
But rather threw me unstapled.

One year had passed,
I can still remember those words she’d said.
I wish I could turn back time,
So she won’t let me be bequeathed.

Looking back,

How are you going to describe me? I asked her
“Plain.Simple. But a very extraordinary paper.”
What makes me extraordinary, dearest maiden?
“Coz no matter how plain you are,
there’s still someone who will surely look at you
as if you are the most perfect paper ever existed,
and that makes you extraordinary, my friend ”
Are you that someone, my dearest maiden?

Those words I can still now remember,
Now I’m asking, “Why did she left me unanswered?”
I never expected that a girl someone like her
Will left me hanging as if I’m not there:
On her side, whenever she’s happy
On her side,whenever she’s sad
On her side, whenever she’s mad
She was always looking for me,
Coz I’m her little special extraordinary

But everything
will change someday
Sooner or later,
I’ll expect what she has to say.
Just wait for me, my dearest maiden
Coz time will come; We’ll see each other again.

It’s been a year, but I’m still living.
Anywhere, everywhere, I am flying
Unscathed I might be,
There’s nothing wrong with me.
But every person I met,
Seems like they want me to divest
In this existing world, full of quacks,
Quite impressed that I lasts

Now I stopped at this certain point
this area is not unknown.
In my mind, this spot flitters
A saccharine scene plays over and over
Aha, and  this is the remarkable place,
Where she once left me off-face.

Tired of going anywhere,
I wish she is now here.

Seconds, minutes…
I hear someone’s weeping
Then I go there, and asked:

How are you going to describe me?
“Crumpled yet still perfect”
What makes me perfect by then?
“Had you already forgotten ?
that there’s still someone who will surely look at you
as if you are the most perfect paper ever existed?”
I thought she will never recognized me.
And so I tell her:
All those words you had uttered,
there’s no time that they’ve not existed
But then, I asked her: Why did you left me?

She sighed.
She is clueless.
To the point, I want to cry
Because this pain is often bearable
unless you’re strong enough
to stand straight and not even stumble

She says:
“I left you, yes I did.
I threw you, yes I really did.
I did that not because I hate you
nor because you’re not something special
I did that for you
because you’re my little extraordinary,
and I love you.”

But why?

“Coz now I will send you,
and later you’re no longer with me.
How does it feel to live without me my friend?
I’d let you go to prepare you for this moment.”

Yes. I know this day would come
that you will send me to anyone
But I thought I am your little extraordinary
And the fact that you will never leave me.
Yet, now I am ready.
I will do anything for my dearest maiden
me, being extraordinary, will just hold on to our memories.

Just always remember
I’m not the paper that got away
nor the paper you failed to keep
Rather, I’m your little special extraordinary
that you lured once and told me
“Someone will surely look at me
as perfectly as I am”
yet it’s not you who should’ve said that
Because by this time,
you have reminded me
that I’ll no longer be yours,
and so I’ll be back
to the old me:
plain, white and just ordinary







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