She was walking alone in that not-so-crowded-street when suddenly a kid followed her direction. She was preoccupied by that moment. However, ten minutes later, she noticed that he is still following her. And in her shock, she was really guilty after seeing his identity. He was only seven years old, but he is already suffering the agony of hunger and poverty and the cruelty of life. You can see the real meaning of “torture” in his face. Where the hell art thou “EQUALITY”?! And so,  her heart was moved and it shown a sincere compassion. Yet, being able to feel his pain was not enough. She did not know what to do next. And so she asked herself: “What if this kid is my little brother? What if he will experience this kind of life? It is kind of elusive and vague, yet the reality of seeing this kid as “him” really broke her heart beyond being torn into pieces. What do you assume her to do next?


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