About Camille

camshieeeeeeee“Never stop dreaming”
“I’m that star watching over you”

Camilla Andrea “Camille” Cartago is a freelance writer and blogger from Bicol. Being a blogger and an accountancy student at the same time is like the feeling of being bent down from head to toe. However, writing as a passion, she gives all her heart in sharing her thoughts to all people–be it with personal favs and sociopolitical issues happening all around the world.

“I live to inspire people most especially the youth. If together in the future we can make a better change, why not make a difference and do it now?”
She wants to be that better change for today until the lifetime 🙂

TADAAAAAA!!! there’s more….

Kpop is her new world–a world full of Oppas, wanting to be with them forever! From “Isang episode nalang talaga bes, at mag-aaral na ako” to “Isa nalang talaga bes, promise!” until no sleep. There were times that she finished a whole Korean Drama in just one day, having a total of 16 episodes. [WHAT A SKILL I GOT!]

Also, getting lost in the city and meeting new people is one of her goals in life! #TravelTheWorld #FindTheOne

Want to get lost in this unknown place she lived in? Explore The Camshie Reveries and enjoy the maze !!

Enjoy getting lost,


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