Camilla Andrea Rocha Cartago

I am RED. I share love, enthusiasm, and passion. I may not be so perfectly lovely, deeply enthusiastic, and greatly passionate, but still, I give interest and security regardless of my imperfections. I am ORANGE. I share creativeness and playfulness. I yield impartiality; thus, making others happy is my top priority. I am YELLOW. I share light and activeness. I alleviates confusion and clarifies every single thought. I am GREEN. Not that something you’re thinking of right now. Thus, I share good health and abundance. Be with me, and you’ll find hope and harmony. I am BLUE. Not being preoccupied but being calm and relax. I share peace and understanding. Moreover, I enhances the easy flow of communication with others. I look beyond the immediate environment and expanding my perceptions towards the unknown. I am INDIGO. I amplifies the energy of blue in a profound way. I share intuition and self-mastery. Thus, It symbolizes the bridge between the finite and the infinite and opens the door to the mystical borderland. I am VIOLET. I, sometimes suffer agony. I share high spiritual attainment and brings idealism. I sparks as imagination and inspiration. See? That is me. How amazing! I inherit my personalities from all the colors of the RAINBOW. β™₯


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