Something Temporary

Waiting behind the summer’s shadow
To find the man who’s fated for me
Calling his name but heart is hollow
It echoed in the place I called memory

Gazing behind that star’s shadow
To know if his eyes shine when he sees me
Hoping every second to see him once more
But chances left me in serenity.

Dreaming behind my bed’s shadow
To go in our place of fantasy
Meeting him under the resplendent rainbow
I want this dream turn into reality

Sitting behind the sun’s shadow
To remember your sweetest smile, so good to me
Sighing along the sea, so shallow
Coz what I’m thinking is a false destiny

Moaning behind this room’s shadow
To escape that painful reverie
Knowing that our feelings caused sorrow
I think our love is something temporary

So finally, giving up my own shadow
To let it go and rest peacefully
Waving goodbyes coz today will be our tomorrow
And this is the end of our story


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