Tears, Tragedy, Reverie

Tears, tears, tears
Can be from you, from me,
Or from anybody.
But why does it go down?
To move on and be happy?
Or isn’t it just
a common tragedy?

Tragedy, Tragedy
May happen to you, to me
Or to anybody.
But why is it recurring?
To suffer and to weary?
Or isn’t it just
a painful reverie?

Reverie, reverie
will come from  you, from me,
or from anybody.
But why do you feel lost?
To escape or accept reality?
Or isn’t it just
A bittersweet scenery?

Tears, tragedy, reverie
these are all
beautiful sceneries.
But who knows?
A tears from me
can bring you a pinch
of recurring tragedy
And later on,
you will realize
how painful it is
to be alone
in that world we called


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